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School Readiness Preschool

For more details on class offerings and the payment scale, 

look at our 2021-2022 Preschool Information Packet.

Brainerd Public Schools’ Preschool Programs: 

Preparing Your Child for a Bright Future!

Brainerd Public Schools take pride in investing in our youngest learners and in preparing children and families for success in school. We have a variety of preschool options serving 2 ½- 5 year olds. Our preschool program prepares children to enter school by focusing learning around classroom routines and procedures, social and emotional development and academic development.  

Why Parents Choose District Preschool Programs 

                                        A Four Star Parent Aware Rated Program! 

Our preschool programs have earned a four-star rating from Minnesota’s Parent Aware- the highest rating possible! The Parent Aware rating system helps parents find preschools and childcare programs focused on high quality early learning and kindergarten readiness.

                                                          Our Curriculum:

Preschool in Brainerd Public Schools aligns its curriculum with Minnesota Early Learning Standards and with our district’s kindergarten standards. Licensed teachers develop hands-on learning activities that promote creativity and confidence. Our program provides children with experiences that build relationships, enhance problem solving and communication skills, and sets the foundation for successful, lifelong learning in the areas of:

● Social and emotional development 

● Positive approaches to learning

● Physical and movement development 

● Literacy

● Math 

● Arts 

● Science                                                                


Click here to schedule your child's early childhood screening.

Click here to enroll your child in PreK Plus childcare.

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