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    Beginning Band Start-Up Lessons 6th Grade

    Students interested in joining 6th grade band for the 2024-2025 school year must undergo a two-part process. First, students, accompanied by their parents, will have an opportunity to try band instruments in an individually scheduled ‘band screening’ with one of the band directors. Band screening appointments will take place from March 19-May 24th. Band screening information was emailed to parents on March 8th. Please email the band director at if you did not receive that information. Second, students will attend the beginning band group start-up lessons for 2 days on Aug 21/22 or Aug 29/30 to learn the basics of how to start playing their new band instrument. We are offering the same lessons over 2 different weeks to accommodate family schedules. Please choose ONE of the two day sessions (Aug 21/22 OR Aug 29/30). The start-up lessons allow the instructors to cover all of the initial information and skills that are needed when school starts such as; how to put their instrument together, produce the first sound on the instrument, how to read music and learn to play the first five notes in their beginning band book. Each day’s lesson is one-and-a-half hours with other students who play the same instrument. For families that know they will not be available for either week of group start-up lessons, you may sign up for individual summer band lessons during June and July (more information available at band screening). CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS: Option #1 - Aug 21/22 (Wed &Thurs) Students attend BOTH days: 8-9:30am - percussion & saxophone 9:45-11:15am - clarinet & trumpet 11:45-1:15pm - flute & trombone/baritone Option #2 - Aug 29/30 (Thurs & Fri) Students attend BOTH days (PLEASE NOTE TIMES ARE DIFFERENT EACH DAY to accommodate teacher workshop schedules) Thursday, Aug 29th: 12:30-2pm - percussion & saxophone 2:15-3:45pm - clarinet & trumpet 4:00-5:30pm - flute & trombone/baritone Friday, Aug 30th: 8-9:30am - percussion & saxophone 9:45-11:15am - clarinet & trumpet 11:45-1:15pm - flute & trombone/baritone