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  • Overcome Your Carbohydrate Cravings

    This is an online interactive class! Ever had a day where you can’t stop eating? Do you crave starches, snack foods, and sweets and find the more you eat, the more you want to eat? Is your snacking out of control? In this workshop, we will discuss a two week plan that will STOP your cravings (no kidding!), help you lose weight and help keep your insulin levels balanced. Overcoming carb cravings is not a matter of willpower but a matter of biology. Learn how you can stop the vicious cycle of food craving and weight gain. No hype – just the facts.
  • Photography-Building Your Vision - from Good to Great!

    One-hour Live Zoom Class! (You will receive a zoom link from the instructor.) Are you a Photographer that wants to take your images to the next level; or maybe someone that is just getting going in photography? Do you want to be a photographer that TAKES Pictures; or one that CREATES Images? You’ll leave this class with ideas and concepts that you can put into practice right away. We will cover some compositional basics that will surely improve your images if you are not using them; and we will discuss concepts of building your Photographic Vision to take your images from good to great!
  • Road Trip Around Minnesota: Lakes & Water Falls

    One-hour Live Zoom Class! (You will receive a zoom link from the instructor.) Raise your hand if you are ready to be able to get in the car and do a day or weekend Road Trip around the State! We could almost feel the breeze from all the hands shooting up! Join Professional Photographer, Jay Grammond as he takes you on a Virtual Road Trip around the state to learn about some of Minnesota’s waterways which were so vitally important to travel and trade in bygone days. In today’s world, these same waterways are vital to the State’s and local community economies; and to the citizens as a form of recreation and relaxation. After participating in this class, you should come away with the seeds of your own road trip ideas planted and ready for Spring and Summer.
  • Vitamins & Herbs: Facts & Fallacies

    This is an online interactive class! Confusion abounds about vitamin supplements. Do you need them? Which ones are best? How do you choose? In this workshop, you will learn the 7 guidelines that determine if a supplement is well balanced or a waste of money. (The instructor DOES NOT sell any supplements). Also, we’ll discuss what current research says about: antioxidants, phytochemicals, anti-aging nutrients, colloidal minerals, chelated minerals, sustained release formulas, and herbal preparations such as Glucosamine Chondroitin, Melatonin, St. John’s Wort, Ginkgo, Ginseng, Echinacea, & DHEA.
  • Women, Weight & Hormones

    This is an online interactive class! Is fat collecting around your mid-section and no matter how well you watch what you eat or how much you exercise that weight is not budging? If this is your story, your inability to lose weight probably has more to do with your hormone levels than anything else. Until you discover and correct any imbalances, trying to lose weight will be like shoveling sand against the tide. You will learn key strategies for fighting fat and losing weight including: concrete solutions (not tricks, not using your will power) for controlling appetite and cravings; boosters to keep your metabolism burning brightly; how to tell if your thyroid is creating weight problems and what to do about it; hormone mimicking chemicals; what HRT or birth control pills have to do with weight gain; hormone levels checked reliably; steps needed to safely break the vicious cycle of hormone related weight gain to help your body begin to lose weight again.